If you’ve just opened a fitness studio, you should know you need to decide on what business strategies to approach. You should consider the fact that a lot of different people might become your customers. As a result, you should focus on different types of exercises. Women’s fitness is one of them.

It’s important to remember that you’re not going to appeal to everybody with the same strategy. In today’s article, we’re going to talk about women’s fitness and how you should focus on it in order to grow your business and expand your clientele.

Focusing on Women’s Fitness: A Comprehensive Guide

How Is Fitness for Women Different?

Believe it or not, men and women are different when it comes to fitness and training. Which is why you should find a way to cater to their different needs. There are many aspects in which women’s fitness differs from men’s, and we’re going to talk about the most important ones in what follows.


One of the most important differences between men and women when it comes to fitness concerns flexibility. Women’s metabolisms and muscle systems have their own specific strengths and particularities. One such difference would be the pelvis bones, which in women are more flexible. This can offer you one way to approach women’s fitness exercises, namely to focus on workouts that showcase and improve this flexibility.

#Muscle Building

Another fitness aspect where men and women are different is muscle building. Because men have high testosterone levels (while women have high estrogen levels), they pack on muscles easier. What you should get from this is that in order to appeal to a female clientele, you should focus on other women’s workouts apart from muscle building. The truth is that most women seek a trainer for other purposes, such as toning their muscles, doing cardio, and so on. So unless you come across female bodybuilding enthusiasts who specifically ask for muscle building exercises, the best way to make women’s fitness attractive is to focus on something else.


Most men tend to go to the gym to build muscle, which means they’ll be doing pretty much the same types of exercises over and over again. They’ll most likely establish a routine and stick to it. Women are different. With nearly all women’s health outlets informing women of the benefits of trying out different types of fitness exercises, many develop a different approach to training. They’re more eager to try new things and follow the trends.

As a result, whenever you want to focus on women’s fitness and attract more women to your fitness studio, you should highlight a full range of exercises. Promote everything you can offer, from strength-training, to cardio, tai chi, yoga, and so on. One idea would be to create a package that includes some of these exercises, while offering a discount to whoever wants to purchase the whole thing.

women doing yoga at the gym


A very important difference between men and women when it comes to fitness is that many women are more open to guidance and advice from others. They appreciate discussing things with the instructor more. Quite a few enjoy having someone there that they can rely on for fitness strategies and personalized advice. In some cases, women actively seek this advice from gym personnel, and you should be there to provide it.

How? Well, first of all by providing them with personal trainers. Another great idea would be to create group classes where women can work out together. That’s because women also enjoy socializing at the gym, and sharing their favorite women’s fitness blog and all sorts of women’s fitness tips with one another. However, do not push this too much, a gym should be an open environment for all genders, where everyone should feel welcome.

How to Design a Fitness Studio That Attracts Women

We’ve seen what the main fitness-related differences between men and women are, and how you can capitalize on them so as to focus more on women’s fitness. Now we should look at some practical changes you can make in your fitness studio that will attract more women.

#Pay Attention to the Equipment

Equipment is extremely important when it comes to making women feel comfortable at the gym. Since we’ve already established that muscle building equipment is not something most women are interested in, you should invest in other types of gear. One example would be equipment designed for cardio. Make sure the machines are all running properly, and that there are plenty of them for everyone to enjoy.

#Create Group Classes and Offers

As we’ve already mentioned, a lot of women are into exercising in groups. As long as you provide them with some cool classes, they’ll be extremely excited to join your gym. Allow us to also recommend a type of “smorgasbord” class. In this class, you’ll include 10 minutes of each of the classes you normally offer. That way, your clients can sample everything before deciding on their favorite one. Offers, packages, and discounts are all popular among women who go to the gym. You can bet they’ll bring their friends along if they find out about one, and this is exactly what you need to improve your women’s fitness approach.

#Target Women as a Separate Group

Most women who are looking for a place where they can train specifically want studios that openly promote a safe and welcoming space for women to work out in. Since women’s fitness needs are different than men’s, you should let women know you understand what they’re looking for in a fitness studio, and you’re willing to offer them just that. Marketing materials targeted to women are a great way to start. Mention how women can feel comfortable and successful while working out in your studio, and you’ll be on the right track. It’s no secret that some gym environments promote undesirable attitudes from some men – make sure all of your male clientele and staff are trustworthy and respectful towards the women in the gym. Make it a point to reassure women that such behavior is unacceptable and reprehensible in your gym.

#Work on the Environment

The environment of a fitness studio can mean a lot of things, from the way the equipment is arranged, to the color scheme, the music, and so on. In terms of equipment, we recommend arranging it in smaller and more intimate workout areas. When it comes to the color scheme, don’t assume you have to use only pinks, mauves, and so on. Consider colors that complement each other and that spread positive vibes, such as yellow, light brown, orange, green, and so on. Finally, in terms of music, we suggest energizing tunes – they’re perfect for cardio. However, try to stay away from too aggressive or invasive songs.

What Is a Boutique Gym and How You Can Create One

Keeping in mind what we’ve previously mentioned about providing women with smaller and more intimate workout areas, we’d like to briefly discuss the concept of boutique gyms. Next, we will see why you should consider opening one in order to attract a predominantly female clientele.

What Is a Boutique Gym?

A boutique gym is basically a smaller gym that focuses on only one aspect of fitness. As you probably already know, most gyms try to fit everything in one large space. This is not a wrong approach, just a different one. Boutique gyms are more exclusive, because they target specific groups of people. These are the people who want to train in a place that provides membership and the feeling that every customer is unique.

trainer helping a woman with her exercises

The training is much more personalized, because the trainer gets to know each person very well. That way, he or she can change the work out according to the customer’s needs. The atmosphere is much friendlier as well. It feels as if you’re part of a community, which is something many women really enjoy.

How to Create a Boutique Gym

For people who want to develop a fitness business that focuses on women’s fitness, a boutique gym can be a great solution. Here are a few tips on creating one:

  • Make It Trendy: An important aspect of boutique gyms is the fact that they follow trends. This doesn’t only apply to the types of exercises they focus on, but to other aspects of fitness as well. One of the most prominent examples is women’s fitness clothing. The clothes serve as a symbol of your status at the gym.
  • Come up with Extra Services: Boutique gyms also provide their customers with complementary services, such as nutritionist advice, psychological counseling, and so on. Of course, you’ll be charging extra for these services, which means you’ll grow your business even faster.
  • Adapt to Your Clients’ Needs: Perhaps the most important characteristic of a boutique gym is its ability to adapt to the needs of every single customer. You can provide fusion classes where you combine multiple types of training, or offer one-on-one training sessions.

Summing It All Up

Women’s fitness is an area that is definitely booming as we speak. If you want to get in on the action and make your fitness business more accessible and attractive to women, don’t hesitate to consider the tips and tricks we’ve provided you with above. You’ll expand both your clientele and your business in no time.

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