Going it alone when you’re trying to lose weight isn’t easy. But, when you’re attempting losing weight amidst a sea of postpartum emotions, it can be downright exhausting. Not to mention that it can be a struggle even to find the time and energy to exercise when caring for a newborn.

Fortunately, there are plenty of support groups are in place for new moms. Being a part of the right supportive group of people in a similar situation can help motivate you to keep going on your weight loss journey. Find out if a weight loss support group for new moms is right for you, and how you can find one to join.

Is a Support Group Right for Me? What are the Benefits?

Support groups aren’t for everyone, but they can provide just the right amount of help for many people. As a new mom, you probably feel overwhelmed. You have a new baby to care for and are trying to learn his wants and needs. You might be heading back to work soon and struggling with the emotional roller coaster of having to leave your baby all day.

Between emotions and a lack of sleep and time, how will you get back your pre-baby body? For most women, losing the baby weight is for more than superficial reasons. Instead, it’s more of a symbolic gesture that boosts our confidence and shows that we’re still the same women we once were. But, it’s a tough process for many new moms.

Support groups for moms trying to lose baby weight are made up of women just like you. Here’s how they might help you lose the weight faster and keep it off longer:


The members of support groups can motivate each other, both in a supportive and competitive way. Members share their stories, struggles, and successes, which not only lets you know that others are going through the same issues you are but also the inspires you to keep working toward your goal.

Healthy competition can also be an excellent way to motivate each other to do better. If a member lost five pounds in one month, you’d see that it can be a possibility for you, too. Your support group might even create fun competitions with small prizes as extra incentive to reach your goals every week or month.


Your group members can strategize with one another to learn new ways to lose weight after having a baby. No two women will lose weight the same way, so a support group can be an excellent opportunity to learn how others are achieving their weight loss goals after overcoming obstacles that you’re currently experiencing.

Your support group can be an incredible learning experience. Bounce ideas off one another, share healthy diet meal plans and compare exercise routines to learn what you could be doing better and share your successes to help others.


A weight loss support group might be one of the best opportunities you can have to find new friends who are a lot like you. All members of the group came together for a similar purpose: to get healthy after having their babies. You already have a strong bond with them by default, and you’ll get to know each other more during each meeting.

Moms often struggle to find time for friendship, and childless friends might not be as easy to relate to anymore. Your support group gives you the perfect opportunity to build lasting friendships with similar women.

Where to Find Weight Loss Support Groups for Moms

Weight loss support groups for new moms are both online and in-person. If you struggle to find time to get to an in-person meeting, or just don’t feel comfortable meeting people face-to-face, an online group could be perfect for you. But, most in-person groups will allow your baby to come with you, so don’t feel that you won’t be able to attend if you don’t have a babysitter.

Here are some places in which you can find support groups for losing the baby weight:

BabyCenter Community

The BabyCenter Community offers various support groups for moms of all stages. You can register by filling out a quick form. The website lists some of the most popular groups to join, but you can also use the search feature to find weight loss support groups.

Your search will show you how many people are in the group so that you can join a group of your desired size. You might get to know women on a more personal level with a small group, but it also might not be as active as a larger group.

Circle of Moms Communities

The Communities in Circle of Moms work similarly to BabyCenter groups. You can register quickly with the registration form. Then, search the open groups to find a weight loss group that meets your needs. You can even browse the topics before you register to find out if it’s the right group for you.

Weight Watchers

Many women find success with their weight loss journey through Weight Watchers. The key to their success is that Weight Watchers is not only a diet program but also a support program.

You can join the program as an online member only and receive supportive tools for your weight loss, but you can also sign up for the online tools plus supportive meetings. Use the website to locate meetings in your area that are led by Weight Watchers leaders. These meetings aren’t specifically for moms trying to lose baby weight, but you’ll likely find many women in a similar situation.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a good way to find support groups for weight loss. You can even search for groups of people in your town or county for better opportunities to connect with people nearby. Some Facebook support groups will communicate online, but hold monthly meetings in person for anyone who wants to attend.

Local Groups

If you’re interested only in local support groups, use your local resources to find them. First, start with your mom friends. They might have already joined one and can recommend you to one that’s been helpful for them.

You can also search your local newspaper’s Classifieds section for information on local meetings if any. Craigslist might also provide you with some results for your area.

Lastly, as your local hospital for information. You can even request this information after your delivery so that you have it available for when you’re ready to join. Many hospitals also host meetings for various groups, so it’s possible that your hospital already has this type of support group in place.

Conclusion: Get Support for Your Weight Loss

Joining a weight loss support group when you’re a new mom can help you achieve your weight loss goals through strategizing and motivating tips. But, it can also be the perfect place to make new friendships with people who can help you on a more personal level and support you with your weight loss goals. There are plenty of online and local resources you can use to find a support group for moms who want to lose weight that matches what you need for your journey.

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