If you’re a personal trainer and you’re looking to develop your business, you have to consider different strategies to get personal training leads. Some personal trainers choose not to actively engage in looking for leads. They wait for existing customers to recommend their business, or for people to just walk in and decide to join. However, marketing a personal training business in order to generate leads is the best way to ensure a steady growth.

Today, we’re going to talk about how to generate personal training leads. We’ll discuss the fitness marketing strategies you should use, and how to draw in customers by using social media.

Generating Personal Training Leads: The Basics

How to Generate Great Online Personal Training Leads

#Send Emails Asking for Referrals

One of the best tips on how to get clients as a personal trainer is to rely on existing customers. Most of them will be happy to tell their friends and family about your business. You can contact them via email so they don’t feel pressured or put on the spot if you ask them while they’re at the gym. In order to make this proposition more attractive for them, you should provide a reward for every successful lead. The reward doesn’t have to be much, but it should be something they enjoy, such as some free training sessions, a discount, or even refunds.

#Advertise Offers on Your Website

If you don’t have a website as a personal trainer yet, you should definitely create one. Not only will it help people find out more about you and your business, but it can also be the place where leads get turned into customers. How, you ask? Well, think about offering your personal training leads great discounts and promotions. For instance, you could start a contest on your website where the winner gets a couple of months of free personal training.

#Engage in Cross-Promotion

If your job is to train people, the good news is that there are many business ideas for personal trainers you can try. One would be contacting businesses that have a similar area of interest and asking them if they would be interested in doing cross-promotion. Two examples would be stores that sell sports attire, or health food stores. You’re going to be promoting them on your website and social media, and they’re going to be promoting you. It’s a win-win.

#Start a Fit Email Campaign for Former Members

Would you like to find out how to get personal training clients through email campaigns? We have the answer. There are many ways in which an email campaign can help, but today, we wanted to focus on a fit email campaign for people who were already your clients in the past. Especially if you’ve had a harmonious relationship, they’re going to be easier to convince than entirely new customers. Approach them via email with a reactivation campaign, and make sure to offer them something that’s going to motivate them to sign up as members again. Some gift cards or a free training session might do the trick.

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Fitness Marketing Ideas to Keep in Mind

When you’re all out of ideas on how to sell yourself as a personal trainer, we invite you to consider some of the fitness marketing strategies below.

1. Become a Sponsor

Being a sponsor can provide you with a lot of visibility, which ultimately means more personal training leads. When it comes to the things you can sponsor, you’ll be happy to know that you have quite a lot of options. First of all, you could sponsor a charity, whether it’s the entire organization or just one of the events they throw. People will be much more willing to become your customers if part of the money they pay you in the first couple of months would go to a good cause.

Another idea would be to sponsor famous people who choose to train at your facility. Think in terms of athletes and bodybuilders. Whenever they compete, they could wear something with your logo on it. That way, your brand will get much more visibility, and you’ll get plenty of leads interested in your business. As long as you associate yourself with professionals, no matter through which strategy, you’re on the road to success.

2. Offer Freebies

People love getting free stuff, that’s for sure. It’s not about how expensive something is, it’s about the fact that it shows you’re making an effort to make them feel good when they’re at the gym. In terms of personal training ideas for marketing, this one shouldn’t cost you a lot. Start off with personalized gym items (water recipients, lunch boxes, protein bars). Then think about offering some free nutritional counseling, maybe a couple of free training sessions, or even free smoothies that members can enjoy before and after training.

3. Consider Press Releases

Although they don’t actively call for personal training leads, press releases are a great way for your business to become more visible in the community. Ultimately, this will bring in new customers. You can think about approaching local magazines and newspapers, and submit press releases related to things such as the events you organize, the benefits of training, or the accomplishments that you are most proud of.

4. Use FitnessTexter

Curious to know what FitnessTexter is and how it can help you get more personal training leads? FitnessTexter is a tool that allows you to create advertisements that contain text messaging codes. You can use these codes anywhere, from emails, to social media, flyers, signs, business cards, and so on. Their purpose is to provide customers with great deals in a fast and effective way. To give you an example, you could use this tool to create an advertisement that sounds something like this: “Text LCXBNY to 97755 to get a free training session”.

This strategy is extremely convenient because it allows people to simply send a text, and immediately get a reply that provides them with a coupon. Then, they can simply show up at your gym, show the text, and they get their free session.

5. Consider Direct Response Marketing

Have you ever heard of direct response marketing? If you’re wondering how to get personal training clients fast, this type of marketing is the answer. That’s because its main goal is to get an immediate response from your personal training leads. It’s all about action, whether the action is signing up for a membership, following you on social media, visiting your webpage to learn more about your business, and so on. It’s an easy way to manage lead engagement, it targets a more specific audience, it offers something in particular, and of course, it asks for an immediate response.

6. Start a Facebook Ad Campaign

It’s no secret that social media can teach you how to sell yourself as a personal trainer better than any other marketing tool. Luckily, there are many social media platforms where you can advertise your brand and attract personal training leads. Think Facebook, and more specifically, think Facebook ad campaigns. They’re easy to set up, they won’t cost you a lot of money, and they come with plenty of benefits.

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Among the most notable ones, we should mention their ability to reach a larger audience. Do so either via web browsers or smartphones, or their extensive analytics reports. The fact that they allow you to target the audience you want to expose to your ad and the fact that they enhance customer loyalty are sure to generate plenty of leads.

7. Send a Fitness Newsletter

No matter the health and fitness market size, not many personal trainers looking for leads send fitness newsletters. If you’re one of the people who have never considered using newsletters to attract customers, we’re here to tell you why you should.

First of all, newsletters are great ways to create useful fitness-related content that can ultimately bring in more clients. Second, sending a newsletter doesn’t feel as pushy as urging people to consider you as a personal trainer. That’s because in the newsletter, you’re not going to promote yourself. You can use it to talk about the industry, provide people with useful information related to training and working out, and so on. A lot of potential customers can really benefit from this type of material. The fact that you’re the one who’s offering it t might make them curious about your brand, and could potentially convince them to become your customers.

Summing Everything Up

As we hope we’ve managed to show in today’s guide, there are many ways in which you could generate personal training leads and grow your business. All you have to do is experiment and see which strategies are best for your brand.

Whenever you want to learn how to find personal training clients, go back to the tips and tricks we’ve provided you with above, and you’ll get a great head start. Remember that in order for you to gain customers, you have to put their interests and desires above all else.

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