Your personal trainer website can help people find you. It may be the first thing that a potential client learns about you, so you need to make an excellent first impression! It is also a place where people will go, once they meet you, to learn more about your training style. Not only does your website introduce you and educate people about who you are and what you do, but it also may offer products which you sell.

For these reasons, if you want to grow your business, you must put work into your website. By understanding the six critical aspects of a personal trainer website, you can take your site to the next level, and increase the reach, reputation, and profits of your business.

1. Personal Information

As a personal trainer, you are the central aspect of your brand. You need to be transparent on your website so that the public can feel like they know you. Tell your story, share details about yourself, and be raw and honest.

Provide your website visitors with plenty of pictures of you. Make sure that you include inspiring photographs, which show you at your best. Show some vulnerability by posting personal stories, or updates about your life. Share.

2. Powerful, Emotional  Images

Research shows that the brain can process images 60,000 times faster than it handles text. A person browsing through your site will be absorbing your pictures rapidly, whether or not they settle in long enough to read the words you have included as well. Make your pictures count.

You should include pictures of yourself, as mentioned above. In addition to those inspiring shots, show other people that your potential client can identify with. Think about what your potential, paying client wants, and feature that.

If you are targeting bodybuilders, show cut, built muscles. If you have identified a target niche audience of women over fifty who want to lose weight, show precisely that. You want the people who come onto the sight to be influenced on a subconscious level.

3. A Welcoming Atmosphere

In a conversation with the experts over at Digital Marketer, Betty Rocker explained that she likes to think of her online content as her personal home. She views the different sections of material that she has to offer as separate spaces in her home.

When a viewer first visits her website, she imagines that they are standing at the front door of her home. As they start engaging with the content, they are stepping into the lobby.

This analogy works well because it is easy to imagine inviting someone into a house; we’ve all done that before! When you value the person who is stepping into your home, you do everything possible to make them feel comfortable.

You might take their coat, offer them a refreshment, and otherwise strive to make them feel welcomed. You’ve likely cleaned your house and may have even lit a scented candle — or maybe you also have cookies in the oven to create a delicious smell.

This welcoming atmosphere is precisely what you want to create with your website. Make people feel valued, wooed, and cared for. Offer them something, just for stopping by. This could be an incredibly value-rich post, a workout video you know they’ll love, or the food plan that helped you lose ten pounds recently. Make sure that you offer something of actual value.

4. A Mailing List Offer

Your website would be incomplete without creating some place for your viewer to sign up for your mailing list. This opt-in box can be in the form of a pop-up, or it could have a permanent home on one of your website pages.

Make sure it is in a visible place, like at the top of the page instead of the very bottom. Your opt-in should be attached to something that speaks to you and your brand. You could offer someone an ebook you created, or a motivational video. If you can collect names on an email list, you will have a body of interested customers to pitch future ideas to.

If you don’t yet have a way for viewers to sign up for your mailing list from your website, you have a few options. One is to hire someone to help you set it up. The second is to work it out yourself.

If you use WordPress, you’ll need a plugin like OptimizePress, which can help you set up your landing pages. You will also need an email service to help you manage the email addresses you’ll be collecting. Aweber, MailChimp, and GetResponse are great options. Some even offer free services (with limited capabilities) which are helpful when you are just getting started.

5. A Way To Contact You

Your website must have a clear contact page. This should provide visitors with a way to contact you. This should be incredibly clear and easy to find. If you have a primary menu on your site, make “contact me” an option on your menu list. If your website has an unconventional layout, position your contact info in a way that simply can’t be missed.

Consider listing both your phone number and your business email address. Many website hosting services also provide webmail, so you can get a professional looking email address to go along with your website. An email address of “ is more professional looking than  “”.

6. Links Out To Other Resources

You do not have to engage your target audience on all social media platforms. Choose the ones that you like the most, and then spend some time there. If you naturally love taking and sharing photos, your Instagram account may be your most active channel. If you like the social aspect of Facebook, you may be most active there.

Whichever social media channels you are most engaged on should be featured prominently on your site. Don’t overwhelm visitors with ways to find you. Stick to a maximum of three channels. For example, include a note on the bottom of your homepage that says, “find me on Instagram, SnapChat, or Twitter” and include links to each icon.

7. Success Testimonials

The best online personal trainer platforms include testimonials. If you are very new to the industry, you might think that you don’t have any success stories to share. That is not true. You have your own.

What was your life like before you became so passionate and committed to your training practices? How has it changed, since then? Share a video, photographs, or a narrative depicting that change in detail.

Testimonials inspire people because they show that if one person can do it, so can they. It fires up the viewer’s imagination in a compelling way. If you have been working in your training business for years, you may have progressed through many happy clients.

As you upgrade your website, you may be wondering how to collect testimonials without bothering past clients. The best way is to send out an email to all of your previous clients, explaining what you are working on and asking for willing volunteers.

Making it into general message makes it so that no one feels singled out or under pressure. You could also offer them some incentive for participating, like a free one-on-one coaching call. Even if you don’t provide an incentive, you may be surprised at how many people want to lend a helping hand.

What is holding you back from growing your business into all that you know it can be? If you have big dreams, you need to make your website up to the task of achieving them. Renovate and upgrade your site so that it meets the criteria above.

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