Working as an online personal trainer is a dream job for most people in the fitness industry. The perks are obvious. You’ll have more flexibility, won’t have to worry about commuting, and can work from the comfort of home. Since this job is so desirable, you’d better believe there’s a great deal of competition on the Web. So, what are you to do to stand out from the crowd and become a successful online personal trainer? Read this article to gain a few tips on how to start on your journey to becoming a successful online personal trainer.

6 Tips on How to Start Working as an Online Personal Trainer Fast and Easy

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Step 1: Learn From Others

The best way to start off becoming an online personal trainer is to watch and learn from those that are already successful. If you ever get the chance to join workshops or intern for a fitness instructor you admire, jump on the opportunity. You’ll learn far more about marketing yourself by working closely with people who’ve already achieved great success in the industry. Choose a fitness legend you currently admire and emulate everything they do in your own work. Although you must add your own individuality to your program as you progress, you have to start somewhere, so why not start by imitating the masters? Imitation will start you on the road towards successful innovation.

Step 2: Discover Your Specialty

After you’ve learned the tips and tricks from high profile online professional trainers, it’s time to find the specific niche in the fitness industry you want to focus on. Don’t be broad and try to “do-it-all.” Figure out what your target audience is and what you’ll offer them with your training program. You have to be as specific as possible in order to draw in your ideal clients. Most successful online trainers say they focus on three “personas,” or ideal clients, when promoting and designing their fitness courses. Be sure to write down two or three ideal clients you want to attract, then tailor your program for them.

Step 3: Get Tech Savvy

It’s important that you know how to use various software platforms to create as professional a website as possible. Use WordPress to build your website professionally, and get used to using Mailchimp for sending emails and keeping in touch with your clients. Many online fitness instructors use Square nowadays to easily collect payments on tablets or mobile phones. One great training software online is called TotalCoaching. Of course, there are many other online training software platforms available, so you’ll have to find the best one for your budget and specific niche.

Step 4: Promote Yourself

There are three main ways to promote yourself as an online professional trainer. First, you must use social media sites to your advantage. Create your own professional Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and/or Instagram page. Update these pages often, and interact with all of your clients frequently. There are billions of people on social media, so this isn’t only a great way to retain your clients, but also a great way to attract new clients. In addition to social media, you can seek out professional partnerships within the online training community.

Check out the hottest blogs, YouTube pages, and professional online training websites and try to get in contact with powerful names in the industry. In addition to partnerships and social media, you can also ask your clients for referrals from now and then. Perhaps offer promos for clients who refer your services to family or friends. These are the main avenues to promote yourself and build up your client base.

Step 5: Keep Up To Date And In Shape

You will be judged on how you look. It’s just a fact of life for professional trainers. So, be sure you are in the habit of training yourself day in and day out. Be sure to set a good example of healthy living in how you present yourself to your clients. Also, be sure you keep up with the latest innovations and trends in the fitness community. New exercise routines and studies are being released every single day. Choose a few newsletters and/or fitness blogs that you enjoy reading, and share useful information on your own social media sites often. This will show your clients you’re truly passionate about fitness and active within the broader fitness community.

Step 6: Just Go For It

Working over the Internet can be more challenging than actually working with a client in person. You just can’t jump into the computer and physically show your customer how to do certain exercises. You’ll have to work on your verbal communication and have a bit more patience than you would in a gym setting. However, you have to keep moving forward if you want to make this your livelihood.

Accept the fact that you won’t always be the star online personal trainer that you desire to be. Forgive yourself and move onwards. It can help to meditate for a few minute everyday just to clear your head and keep yourself centered. Type out your lessons if you find that helpful, and type out specific routines you want your clients to do in their spare time. Always remember to have a great demeanor, smile often, and make the routines as fun as you possibly can. Everyone likes to laugh, and a great personality will go a long way to helping your clients achieve their goals.

These are just a few tips on getting started in the online fitness training world. This industry is set to boom in the coming years as more and more of us live as digital nomads. So, be sure to claim your territory as quickly as you possibly can. Learn from those who’ve already made it, and develop your own strategy for success. Although there’s a great deal of competition online, there’s also a great deal of opportunity. As long as you stay focused and disciplined, you’re sure to go far in this brave new world of online fitness training.

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