The Kurt Kinetic Road Machine is just one of many smart fluid trainers for those who enjoy cycling. But does it stand up to the test in a market filled with competitors? We’ve taken some time to study the facts, so you don’t have to. Let’s take a look at the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine.

What Is the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine?

The Kurt Kinetic Road Machine is a trainer that allows you to cycle indoors using your own bike. This means that you don’t have to get on and off a stationary bicycle, losing your feel for your own road bike. No, this lets you hold your bike stationary, so you keep that feeling no matter where you are.

In addition to that, you get readings on your Bluetooth-capable device. These readings include a wide variety of facts such as speed, how long you’ve maintained that speed and length of your workout. For those training for cross-country events, cycling races, or other cycling sports, this kind of data is an incredibly helpful tool.

Additional features on apps even allow you to find problem areas. Is there more pressure coming from one leg than the other when you pedal? The Kurt Kinetic Road Machine can tell you that, and more.

How to Use the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine

a kurt kinetic road machine attached to a bike

You have a long cycling endurance race coming up, but the sky just will not stop pouring down- not for just one day, but for the entire week. Thankfully, you have a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine that lets you do your workout indoors.

To use, simply remove your front tire and place the back one on the road machine. Mount as you normally would, or with the kickstand out for those not used to using fluid trainers. While a trainer like this won’t make you lose the “feel” of your bike, it may change your balance compensation a little at first. Riding stationary does feel a bit different. The difference between this and a stationary indoors bike is that you still get the feeling of going through your bike’s gears and using your bike’s systems. You won’t get that with a workout bike.

Screw the bolts of the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine onto your bike’s back tire. Mount your bike as you normally would, hook up your Bluetooth device and pedal. Your app will read your statistics in real time as you pedal, saving it for future recall if you so desire.

To demount your bike, simply remove the bolts from the back tire and disconnect the frame from the bicycle. Replace the front tire, and you’re ready to head outdoors. The whole process usually takes just a couple of minutes.

Capability and Durability, Pros and Cons

The Kurt Kinetic Road Machine is well-made. It takes a hit and keeps on going, despite being a stationary frame with a fluid trainer on it. This little trainer can do everything you expect a trainer to do, and a bit more. Though in truth, you won’t get quite the same ride as you would outside. Still, the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine makes it as close as you can get.

One drawback is that you do have to pay a bit extra for a watt meter. While this is standard equipment on many other fluid trainers, Kurt has decided to make theirs an upgrade. However, it is a very good upgrade. With full-color display and instant watt retrieval, it’s hard to find a complaint paying a few dollars for the upgrade.

The one place it falters is in its warranty system. The Kurt company does take its time in replacing broken parts, faulty mechanics, and total loss warranties. Though you can buy replacement parts easily on the website and they will be delivered lickety-split, warranty makeups take a good bit to replace. This means that your road machine may just sit about taking up space for a bit.

On the other hand, there is a fantastic feature. For those in small housing areas such as apartments, the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine folds up like a pretzel at your request to fit nearly anywhere. And if folding isn’t enough, a quick screwdriver will pop the entire housing apart to store almost anywhere. If space is at a premium and you’re already hanging your bike on the wall or on the ceiling, the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine is happy to hide anywhere you put it.

And it will hide there for a long time too. The Kurt Kinetic Road Machine is a solid piece of equipment for the serious cyclist that will last even heavy users for a while to come.

Decision Time

So, should you buy the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine? That really depends on what your level of cycling is. If you are the type that goes on leisurely rides around the park on Sunday afternoons, you may not get much out of this trainer. This really does fit more for the serious cyclists who race, compete in sports, or otherwise want to challenge themselves in their cycling ability.

However, if you find yourself in a position where you wish to train at home, the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine would be an excellent addition to your training equipment. With a stand that holds riders up to 350 pounds, most serious cyclists will have no trouble riding on this trainer.

It is a significant investment. That investment does get you one of the best trainers on the market for indoor cycling training and competition sports. It balances out in the end.

Bottom Line

So what does that mean in the end? The Road Machine does everything asked of it, making our decision a very loud “Yes!” for this particular product. The road machine can be easily found on the internet, especially on Amazon, with plenty of positive feedback to help you make your decision if our opinion isn’t enough. However, we do stand by the Road Machine as a top of the line fluid trainer.

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