If you’ve ever wanted to tone and lose body fat at the same time, then you may have looked into the Insanity Workout schedule in the past. This workout program is packed with moves that will challenge even the most committed fitness enthusiasts.

After all, the person that created this program was a backup dancer for Mariah Carey. This means it is geared towards those who want to sculpt their bodies as fast as possible. This article is going to cover the Insanity Workout Schedule’s features, pros, and cons. Continue reading to learn more about this challenging program.

Features & Functions of The Insanity Workout Schedule

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The Insanity Workout schedule is an intense 60-day program that focuses on burning fat and building muscle mass. It does this through a series of challenging cardio and resistance training moves using maximum effort.

The program keeps breaks short and to a minimum. The goal during each workout is to exhaust yourself and leave you covered in sweat by the end of the workout. While this may seem daunting, the plus side is that the workouts are very short in duration.

The Insanity Workout Schedule includes ten programs that you will follow throughout the duration. The programs are designed to provide varying levels of cardio and strength training and generally focus on different muscle groups each day with a strong focus on general core work.

The 10 Programs Included in the Insanity Workout Schedule

  • Dig Deeper & Fit Test (30 minutes).
  • Plyometric Cardio Circuit (40 minutes).
  • Cardio Power & Resistance (40 minutes).
  • Cardio Recovery & Max Recovery (80 minutes).
  • Pure Cardio & Abs (40 minutes).
  • Cardio Abs (20 minutes).
  • Core Cardio & Balance (40 minutes).
  • Max Interval Circuit (60 minutes).
  • The stage of Max Interval Plyo (55 minutes).
  • Max Cardio Conditioning & Abs (50 minutes).

In addition to a challenging and structured workout plan, the Insanity Workout Schedule also includes a nutrition plan that is designed for men and women. This plan is designed to give your body the nutrition it needs to maximize results while on the plan.

The Insanity Workout Schedule also includes free online support tools and a calendar to help track your progress throughout the 60-day program. If you would like to purchase the Insanity Workout Schedule, you can find it on Amazon.

Insanity Workout Schedule Pros and Cons

This section is going to cover the main pros and cons associated with the insanity workout schedule. It will cover things like suitability for beginners, nutritional components, gear requirements, and more.

Insanity Workout Schedule Advantages

  • No Gear Required: One of the best features of the Insanity Workout Schedule is that it does not involve any special exercise equipment. This means you can open the package and get straight to work from the comfort of your home.
  • Online Support Network: One important function of home workout programs that is often ignored is a strong support network. Fortunately, the Insanity Workout Schedule shines here and includes many online support tools to keep you motivated.
  • Strong Nutritional Focus: Another area where the Insanity Workout Schedule shines is its strong nutritional focus. The plan includes a diet plan that will help ensure that users get the best results possible from their hard work.
  • 60-Day Guarantee: The 60-day money back guarantee is another great plus about this program. You are given the full duration of the program to try it out, and your happiness is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied, you are eligible for a refund minus shipping and handling.
  • Balanced Workout Program: One of the greatest strengths of the Insanity Workout is its balanced workout program. It emphasizes the importance of both strength training and cardio for long-term and maximum results.

Insanity Workout Schedule Disadvantages

  • Not Suitable For Beginners: As the name would imply, this workout is insane. Unfortunately, this means it can prove to be too difficult for many who are inexperienced fitness wise. If you are just beginning to get in shape, then consider basic training exercises like jogging to condition yourself before starting the program.
  • Harsh On Joints: One major element of this workout program is the use of plyometric exercises. These exercises use jumping moves to exert maximum force in a short duration. While these exercises are very effective in terms of strength training, they can be very harsh on joints. This makes this program not suitable for those with arthritis and other joint issues.
  • Short-term Program: While the prospect of getting in great shape in 60 days is great, true fitness and health come from long-term goals and lifestyle changes. This program’s developers have designed it in a specific way. The users must use it over a 60-days period while following a nutrition plan. To keep these results long-term, you must make lifestyle changes that you can modify as you age.
  • Noise: Another downside of this program is that it is prone to being quite noisy. This is due to a lot of jumping exercises that the program incorporates. With that in mind, this is definitely not suitable for those who live in an upstairs apartment setting.

The Insanity Workout Schedule is definitely a workout program that will represent a real challenge to all its users. However, the program is comprised of an effective blend of cardio and strength training exercises that focus on different muscle groups each day for maximum effectiveness.

Bottom Line

While the program may be a bit too intense for beginners, it doesn’t mean they can’t use it without some proper conditioning work. For those who are just beginning their fitness endeavors, start with some basic walking and running exercises to prepare you for the program. Moreover, the program recommends that beginners should be able to run for one mile and perform ten pushups before beginning.

With those caveats in mind, the Insanity Workout Schedule is an excellent program that incorporates a whole body exercise routine, nutritional guidance, online support, and money back guarantee. This makes it a great choice for those who are searching for a challenging yet effective diet and exercise program. Finally, if you think you are ready to begin a new and exciting routine, then try the Insanity Workout Schedule for yourself.

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