How much do personal trainers make? This is usually the first question people interested in doing fitness training professionally ask. Well, according to recent estimates, most full-time fitness trainers make between $53,323 and $36,150 per year. However, there are a few savvy fitness trainers out there who make at least $100,000 a year. The reason why there’s such a wide spectrum of answers to the question “how much do personal trainers make?” mainly has to due with how aggressive a personal trainer is in self-promotion. In this article, we’ll go over some hot tips to increasing your yearly salary as a personal trainer.

6 Tips on How to Boost Your Earnings Fast and Easy

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Step 1: More Degrees, More Money

Since personal training is such a competitive field, you need some way to stand out from the pack. The easiest way to increase your earnings potential is to get a higher degree. Most recent studies show that personal trainers with only a high school diploma make the worst annual salary of any other degree holder. So, how much do personal trainers make with only a high school diploma? Generally, full-time personal trainers with a high school degree made around $22.14 per hour. Full-time trainers with an associate degree can expect to make around $23.39 per hour. Bachelor’s degree holders who worked as full-time trainers made around $24.42 per hour, whereas Master’s degree programs made around $31.77 per hour. Part-time employees also saw a significant rise in earnings potential with each higher degree.

Step 2: Look Into Advanced Certifications

There are many advanced certifications on the market nowadays, and it can be quite difficult to pick the best one for your own fitness specialties. The best place to start inquiring into advanced certifications is with professional fitness trainers in your area. Seriously ask yourself who you want to be teaching and training in your career as a professional trainer. One popular credential is the Lifestyle and Weight Management Coach, which will allow you to teach weight management and nutrition courses. If you’re into the sporting world, you could look into a Sports Conditioning Specialist Certification. This degree will help you enhance an athlete’s sporting performance. Looking to work in a more clinical setting? Perhaps a Post-Rehab Exercise Specialist Certification is for you. There are literally dozens of certifications on the market, but all of them will help you tailor your services and increase your earnings potential in whatever market you want to get involved in.

Step 3: Location, Location, Location

How much do personal trainers make across the USA? It’s important to ask this question if you want to live in a region where personal trainers make a great deal of money. Currently, the best paying location for those without certification is in the Northeast. The highest paying states for personal trainers are New York, Massachusetts, and Illinois. So, how much do personal trainers make in these states? Well, full-time fitness trainers make around $29.15 per hour, whereas part-time workers make around $25.17 per hour. If you do have advanced certification, however, you should look at North Central states like Iowa, Nebraska, and Minnesota. Full-time workers with accreditation make around $36.24 each hour in these states.

Step 4: Market Yourself

Once you have your degrees and have settled in the perfect state for your earnings goals, it’s time to start to get your name out there. Start off by networking with other fitness pros in the area, and be sure to print out your own professional business cards. Take a few hours every day to visit local fitness clubs, nutrition stores, and local libraries. Dress to impress, and be specific about your fitness specialties. Be sure to be creative and focused when designing and explaining your fitness program. Also, it might be a good idea to invest in a professionally designed website. There is where you can direct interested clients in the community.

Step 5: Ask For Referrals

After you’ve built up a small clientele of loyal customers, why not ask them to refer your services to friends and family members? On your personal information sheets, you can add a few lines for clients to put in two or three referrals. If you aren’t getting any referrals on these sign-up sheets, be sure to ask your clients if they have anyone they know who would benefit from your training program. Even if you don’t get many referrals, it never hurts to ask.

Step 6: Developing Products

After you’ve earned a name for yourself in the local community, it might be time to start work on a few information products. If these products are done well, they could increase your earnings potential and help advertise your name for free. Your information product could be anything you feel comfortable designing, such as a book, a guide, or even a DVD. Be sure to highlight your own unique perspective and specialties to make this product stand out in the crowd. If your product is a success, you could earn a great deal of passive income through this method.

Final Words

The main thing you need as a professional trainer is dedication. Instead of asking “how much do personal trainers make,” perhaps you should be asking how much you want to make as a personal trainer. Then go after that goal. Everyone’s goal as a personal trainer will be different, but you need to know how much you expect to bring in annually from this career move. Times will most likely get tough, but as long as you keep your head above water and remain in the game, you’ll do just fine.

The tips listed above will all help increase your earnings potential no matter what specific market you’re going into. Be sure to get as many certifications as you think you need. Also, move to an area that’ll be receptive to your specialties. Finally, start to build brand awareness in the local community and on the wonderful World Wide Web. If you keep at it, you could potentially be making around $100,000 or more per year if you’re working full-time.

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