Are you planning to buy a functional trainer equipment? Choosing the right equipment is critical since it comes with big spending. If you make the right selections of training machines to pursue great results, you will likely get years of satisfactory training. On the other hand, if you buy the wrong selection of equipment, valuable training time and money will always be wasted.

Before making a purchase of training equipment, there are some things that one needs to consider to avoid regrets and incurring unnecessary expenses in the future. This article will serve as somewhat a comprehensive fitness machine buying guide to functional trainers.

To begin with, one needs to consider individual goals as well as the goals of the trainees. In most cases, people will buy training equipment for fitness or sports. Therefore, understanding the goals of getting the training equipment can protect a potential trainer from buying the wrong training gears.

The Best Tips on How to Buy a Functional Trainer Machine

1. Begin by Shopping Online

If you want to get the right functional trainer machine to suit your needs, you will have to do a little research. This will help you to find out the top rated machines available online. One can do this by looking at product reviews of various training machines. Also, the best equipment is the commercial one. It involves those machines that people use in gyms and several health clubs.

2. Find the Best Place to Buy the Equipment from

After finding the companies and models that you consider desirable, locate a particular place that sells those specific the machines. Most retail stores sell functional trainer machines that are better. Moreover, they sell them through specialty fitness as opposed to discount stores.

3. Consider the Service Level

The highest level of service comes from specialty fitness retailers. Purchasing functional trainer machines online is relatively inexpensive. Nevertheless, there is a need to do further research. This way, you will discover which products you truly needs and learn how to assemble them.

4. Choose Those Stores that Enable You to Test the Machines

Have one of the sales associate demonstrate the working of the machine and then seek permission to perform as many different strength movements. Be sure to include major muscle groups in the exercises. These are special programs special designed for the chest, shoulders, and calves, among others.

5. Take into Consideration the Necessary Space

To become a functional trainer, you should have an ample space for the machines. Therefore, make sure to have enough room for your new machine. Moreover, you should measure your available space in terms of height, length, and width. Note the dimensions to avoid buying equipment that is not space efficient. Still, modern equipment is surprisingly space efficient.

6. Don’t Forget About the Biomechanics

Biomechanics simply refers to the way a machine fits the body. One can determine this by physically testing the machines before the actual purchase. You don’t have to be a trainer to determine whether or not the machines fit the body. To become a functional trainer here are some tips on how to test the machines before purchasing.

After establishing the goals of the equipment that you intend to buy, you should also think about other determinants.

Additional Aspects to Consider

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1. Smoothness

If you feel that the machine functions smoothly once you test it, it means this is the right choice for your needs. Also, it might mean that it is a high-quality fitness machine. To work on a great functional trainer, high-quality equipment is not optional. Therefore, throughout the testing, you have to be attentive whether you feel comfortable or not. A good training machine will feel silky smooth throughout the exercise period. To correctly understand this, one can try the most expensive machines before the rest.

2. Features

There are some basic features that a trainer should look out for when buying training machines.


Look for molded pads on the press arms and areas that often come in contact with the body. Some machines have contoured pads, specially designed to fit the shape of the forearms, the lower back and others. The quality of the pads means that they won’t dry out with time, smell or crack.


Wear and tear occur at the points where the machines move. Quality training equipment has bearings that minimize wear and tear over the long term. Oil impregnated bearings are the best.


When you purchase a functional trainer machine, you must look for the best materials in terms of quality and durability. Therefore, one should look for with at least 11-gauge steel. Quality training machines use powder coated paints. This repels sweat as well as corrosion.


More welds on machines mean that they are more stable and stronger. Therefore, the machines have fewer wobbles and are more durable.

Cable and Pulleys

When looking forward to buying a functional trainer, look for machines that have nylon pulleys. Also, test the cables and make sure they measure at least 1500 lbs. This ensures that the machines can withstand rigorous activities over longer training exercises.

Accessories and Attachments

Some training machines come with accessories which are parts of the basic units. Therefore, when shopping for professional training equipment, you should also think about the types of attachments and accessories included in the package.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Functional Trainer Accessories


When seeking to purchase a functional trainer, you should make sure that the machines are easily adjustable. This means that the lever length, heights, and other parameters should be easily altered according to the requirements of the trainees. High-quality training machines have self-ratcheting systems and lock seat adjustments in place.


This aspect is related to biomechanics. The machines should be adjustable to suit the users. Therefore, test all the possible position before deciding to get the machine from the stores.


Remember space is one of the factors you should take into consideration. Therefore measure the area and make sure to get machines that will fit into the available space and leave enough room for exercising.

In conclusion, shopping for fitness training equipment can be a daunting task since it is one of the least understood exercises. However, one of the certain ways to get quality is choosing a manufacturer that has a great reputation. In the fitness industry, this may mean taking into account companies that make fitness machines for both domestic and commercial users. These companies have a vast experience in understanding what fitness trainers and trainees want, what works and what does not work. Also, the companies can provide the aspiring trainers useful advice regarding issues that surround equipment durability, fit and biomechanics. Therefore, as a functional trainer will have peace of mind even after purchasing the machine being assured that they have the best one.

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