Cardio Trainer is a fitness app commonly used by people who want to lose weight, monitor their cardio workouts, and stay motivated to work out. As its name suggests, this app tracks how many calories you burn during any fitness activity, such as yoga, running, or skating. It can also track your BPM if you use a Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor with the app. Anyone who does cardio workouts, which should be everyone as it’s a necessity to stay healthy, should consider using Cardio Trainer. The following review covers the features, functions, pros, and cons of this fitness app.

Features & Functions of Cardio Trainer

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  • Tracks your indoor and outdoor activities. Any fitness activity you do, whether it’s yoga, dancing¬†or hiking can be tracked with Cardio Trainer. The app will let you know how many calories you burned during that fitness activity. This is great for knowing exactly how many calories you burn during your workouts, instead of going with an estimate.
  • Equipped with GPS and pedometer tools. The GPS tool keeps track of where you are and displays a map outline of the running or bicycling route you took throughout the neighborhood or park. Cardio Trainer will show you how many miles you traveled, how many calories you burned, what pace you walked/ran at, and what your BPM was during the cardio workout. It will even record the date and time of your fitness activity.
  • Integrated music player and voice output. This app comes with an integrated music player to help keep you entertained during your workouts. Some people find it easier to stick to a fitness regimen if they listen to music while working out. The voice output feature announces your progress during your workout. It’s an easy way to keep track of how long you’ve been exercising.
  • Friend activity feed. Cardio Trainer has a friend activity feed to help with motivation and connection with others. It will show you how well your friends are doing. You could have some friendly competition, assisting in reaching your fitness goals. Cardio Trainer also allows you to easily post about your progress on Facebook, saving you time on typing.
  • Schedule workouts with reminders. This fitness app provides scheduling and reminder features to help you always remember your workout. You can also set various goals relating to time, calories burned, and distance.

Cardio Trainer Pros and Cons

Cardio Trainer Advantages

  • The friend activity feed can help motivate you. When you see that a friend has burned more calories or spent more time working out than you, you may feel sudden motivation to get a workout in for the day instead of skipping it. You don’t want to be that one friend who flaked out or didn’t do what they said they would do.
  • You can keep better track of your workouts by using the voice output tool in Cardio Trainer. Listening to your progress is a good way to keep up with your workout. For instance, the voice output can tell you how many miles you’ve traveled or how long you’ve been exercising. There is no guessing or checking the clock when you use the voice output feature.
  • The GPS and pedometer provide data that can improve your workouts and speed up progress toward your fitness goals. You can use the GPS and pedometer features to analyze your workouts and determine which route works best for you. Perhaps one route burned more calories in a shorter amount of time than another route.
  • You can stay engaged in your workout by using the integrated music player. It’s convenient because you won’t need to open another app or use a separate device for music.

Cardio Trainer Disadvantages

  • According to a user review posted on Google’s Play Store on August 4, 2016, Cardio Trainer doesn’t allow users to download their fitness data anymore because the app has abandoned development. The app is still usable, but the developers no longer maintain it.
  • If you experience errors in the app, you may not receive any help from the developers. Daphne said in her review on September 4, 2016, that Cardio Trainer was the best app until it discontinued support. When she reported an error in Cardio Trainer, she received a message informing her that they have discontinued supporting the app.
  • Some people have reported in their reviews on Google’s Play Store that the tracking feature route isn’t working anymore. Chris Hanna said, “This used to be such a great app I don’t know what happened to it if you lose your GPS location then your crap out of luck with the information. I use it for walking, but now it seems like it picks and chooses which day to work and which date to Slow Me Down.”

Bottom Line

Cardio Trainer is a good fitness app to use for monitoring how many calories you’ve burned while working out, how long you worked out, and distance traveled while working out. It is also great for scheduling your workouts and setting reminders. Although Cardio Trainer is no longer supported by the developers, these core features still work for most users based on the reviews. For a few, a specific feature has glitches or errors. In other cases, a feature has stopped working entirely.

It’s possible that the developers may decide to work on the app again because several users of the app have requested it and one has even offered to help with developing. Even if they don’t provide support for the app again, Cardio Fitness can still be a good app to use for tracking your exercise routines. It is beneficial to look at a map outline of the running or bicycling route you took throughout the neighborhood or park during your workout. You can find which paths give you the best workout. And as already stated, not everyone has trouble with the app.

Have you ever used Cardio Trainer? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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