Waist trainers are buoyed by high-profile endorsements from celebrities such as Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Lily James and others. These products have become one of the hottest new ways to slim down and tone up. Waist trainers, also called waist shapers or waist cinchers, are steel-boned corsets or latex waist cinchers that constrict a person’s waist, helping to form it into a smaller, more desirable shape. To narrow down the best of the best, the following waist trainers were ranked on factors including price, comfort, and effectiveness. Keep reading to discover which popular waist trainers top the list!

The Best Waist Trainers to Try

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1. Squeem Perfect Waist

Originating in Brazil, Squeem has been creating high-quality shapewear, waist trainers, and other accessories for over four decades. In that time, the company has come to be regarded as one of the premier names on the market. Few products demonstrate why more clearly than the Squeem Perfect Waist. Users consider it to be the best waist trainer on the market. With a slim design and low-profile hooks, the Perfect Waist is highly discreet and able to be worn under everyday clothing without issue.

The Perfect Waist uses fused fabric technology, which is comprised of an outer layer of natural latex and an inner layer of high-quality cotton. This offers superior comfort and also encourages perspiration, which can help you lose weight more quickly. Because it’s so comfortable and flexible, you can wear it for extended periods and even during exercise. While the price is slightly higher than some competitors, its combination of outstanding comfort, top-class materials, and excellent results makes the Perfect Waist a no-brainer.

2. Ann Chery 2022 Classic 3 Hook Latex Vest

Another highly respected name, Ann Chery is well-known throughout the fitness world. They use the highest quality materials to craft some of the most effective waist trainers on the market. The 2022 Classic 3 Hook Vest represents the latest and greatest for the Columbian shapewear maker, offering wide straps for added support, superb back reinforcement and quality materials for a smooth, comfortable fit.

The company claims the 2022 waist trainer can decrease your waist size by as much as five inches, making it a great option if you need to get slimmer in a hurry. The trainer is unmistakably stylish, and it’s comfortable enough to wear for hours without undue discomfort. The price is relatively high. Still, this is countered by the fact that the 2022 waist trainer vest features three distinct hook positions. This means you can simply adjust the fit on your own without needing to purchase new waist trainers as your body shape changes.

3. YIANNA Latex Sport Girdle

The YIANNA Latex Sport Girdle is a best-selling corset on Amazon.com. It’s not hard to see why is such a popular choice. It employs a three-layer construction that provides excellent support and a high level of compression. The inner layer contains a soft, comfortable cotton and spandex blend. The outer layer is a highly resilient and flexible nylon, lycra and spandex blend. In between is an elastic layer of fully natural rubber latex, which gives the waist trainer its high compression.

The YIANNA Latex Sport Girdle also features three hook placements for adjusting the fit, and the waist-cinching action produces an immediately noticeable shaping effect. The cost is competitive as well, making the YIANNA an all-around winner. However, the sport girdle falls slightly in the rankings because it’s less comfortable than some competitors. It’s also less elastic than other waist trainers, making it more difficult to use during exercise.

4. Charmian Latex Underbust Waist Training Corset

Waist training is not for everyone, and it can be expensive for newcomers to jump in fully. Enter the Charmian Latex Underbust Waist Training Corset. This affordable waist trainer is a fantastic option. It’s perfect for when you want to test the waist training waters without making a significant financial investment. The 100 percent spandex construction offers a good blend of compression and comfort, and the corset is available in a tremendous variety of sizes, colors, and styles. Vest, halter top and zipper-front designs offer a fit and look for nearly anyone.

Note that the boning is spiral steel, which offers somewhat less support and compression than traditional steel boning. Some users also find the spandex material less comfortable than more advanced cotton-blend styles. Nonetheless, for an affordable and effective entry into the world of waist training, it’s hard to find a better option than the Charmian Latex Underbust Waist Training Corset.

Which Waist Trainers Should You Choose?

The explosive popularity of waist training means that you now have a great variety of trainers to choose from. In order to identify the best option, however, it’s important to understand your individual needs. As mentioned above, the Underbust Waist Trainer from Charmian is a great place to start. You should consider it, especially if you’re new to the world of waist training. If you lead an active lifestyle and intend to wear a waist trainer while exercising, the comfort and flexibility of the Squeem Perfect Waist is a clear winner. You’ll also appreciate the discreet design, which is virtually undetectable when worn under clothing.

If you need to shave off a few inches even more quickly – for an upcoming event like a wedding, for instance – high-compression waist trainers like the Ann Chery 2022 Latex Vest and the YIANNA Latex Sport Girdle may be more effective. They may also be preferable for those who are less active. This is due to the fact that they fit more tightly and may be slightly restrictive. If you have a latex allergy, you may need to consider a non-latex waist trainer. Some allergic people wear latex waist trainer. They avoid problems by using a tank top beneath the trainer. Still, this may not be sufficient for severe allergies.

Bottom Line

Waist trainers and cinchers are hardly new, but they are a major trend thanks to celebrity endorsements. It’s true that nothing can replace diet and exercise. However, in the quest to lose weight, waist trainers are certainly useful for quick slimming and shaping. With the information above, you’ll be able to choose the best waist trainer for your individual needs. If you’re considering a waist trainer, don’t hesitate to jump in and share your thoughts. Also, if you’ve already found the right one for you, please tells us your experiences!

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