Though it may look like a simple front-drive elliptical trainer on the surface, the Cybex Arc Trainer is something entirely different – and potentially even more effective. In fact, the difference is all in the name. An elliptical machine, as the name suggests, uses an unnatural and inefficient elliptical motion. In contrast, Arc Trainers employ an arc-shaped footpath. Most people seem to believe that this is more effective and comfortable for the user. Of course, that’s only the theory. Does this new and improved fitness machine really live up to its billing? Let’s take a look and find out!

Features & Functions of the Arc Trainer

  • More Efficient Motion: As it turns out, the Arc Trainer really is on to something. According to a kinesiology study by the University of Carolina at Charlotte, users consistently reported feeling less fatigued and less sore after completing a workout on the Arc than after the same workout on a traditional elliptical. The reverse arc-shaped striding motion is more efficient and less stress-inducing. This allows users to work out longer and at greater intensity without putting forth greater effort. In fact, this is why each workout burns about 16 percent more calories than the same routine on an elliptical machine.
  • Total Body Fitness: As a full-featured cross trainer, the Arc’s unique design is able to work a variety of major muscle groups throughout the body. Far more than just a simple cardio workout, the Arc Trainer can be used for strength training, endurance and effective weight loss depending on the user’s needs. Factor in dozens of adjustable resistance levels and incline settings and users are free to create the ideal workout routine tailored to their specific needs.
  • Full Customization: With six unique models and a dizzying array of color choices, it’s a breeze to customize the Arc Trainer experience. The 770AT delivers the most comprehensive and luxurious workout available. It has a full-featured digital display, and 180 custom color finishes to match any home decor. Also, the 625AT comes with a more stripped-down experience. It provides a great workout with a smaller footprint and an affordable price. The 770A and 625A ditch the arm motion of their larger siblings. This makes them ideal for those who only need the best lower-body workout. Arc Trainer even offers the Total Access Trainer. This option’s design and usefulness fully support those with handicaps or special needs.

Arc Trainer Pros & Cons

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Arc Trainer Advantages

  • Great Display: The ability to track workout information is highly useful. It is a well-known fact that this increases user engagement, and the Arc Trainer line makes this a breeze. The standard digital displays are sharp and easy to use. They offer calories burned, MET levels, heart rate, distance run and more. For those who desire a bit more, each model can be equipped with an optional, high-quality 15.6-inch monitor. It features three distinct display modes.
  • Adjustable Incline: One of the problems with traditional workout routines is that they eventually become, well, routine. The Arc Trainer sidesteps this problem thanks to adjustable incline settings, which allows the user to create a different workout whenever they wish. Lower inclines create a gliding motion similar to cross-country skiing, while higher incline levels allow for a striding or even stair-stepping motion.
  • Load-Dependent: Everyone has different needs depending on their age, weight, overall fitness, and other factors. The Arc compensates for this by automatically scaling the resistance level based on the user’s weight. Users are free to change the resistance settings as they see fit. Still, this feature takes the guesswork away for newcomers and for those after a quick workout. Simply step foot on the machine, and it’ll do its best to deliver the ideal workout with as little fuss as possible.

Arc Trainer Disadvantages

  • Safety: No, the Arc Trainer is not in any way dangerous for the user. The same can’t be said for others. However, as the machine’s moving parts pose a potential safety risk to pets and small children. While this risk is mitigated somewhat in newer models and can be eliminated through caution and vigilance, it is something to be aware of before purchasing.
  • Price: Glancing at the price tag for a full-featured, top-of-the-line Arc Trainer is not for the faint of heart. The fitness machine is considerably costlier than typical ellipticals and even some comparable cross trainers. So, expect to make a sizable investment. Of course, for those who have the means, the price may be easily justified by the quality, reliability and rich feature set of the machine.

Bottom Line

It seems every modern exercise machine is billed as being “all-in-one.” However, it’s not easy to find a platform that is actually capable of doing everything. Not so with the Arc Trainer, which provides users with a staggering variety of options. These options refer to both models and features. Furthermore, they are related to the assortment of resistance and incline settings. Cybex’s innovative reverse arc stride motion is also a revelation, providing a more efficient and effective exercise without requiring additional exertion.

Nonetheless, while the Arc Trainer is among the most well-constructed and highly regarded exercise platform lines on the market, the price may dissuade some would-be buyers. Potential safety concerns may also be a consideration for those with curious pets or small children. Have you used a model from the Arc Trainer line in your home? Got a burning question that you’d like to see answered before you make your purchase? Don’t forget to share your thoughts below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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