Life frequently challenges your goal to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Job, family and an assortment of time constraints can make it hard to fit a healthy workout into your daily schedule. How nice would it be to erase all of the uncontrollable and annoying variables with a vigorous workout that could be accomplished in just 7 minutes – just about anywhere? Well, you can easily achieve that goal using this 7 minute workout routine. The Scientific 7 minute workout is one of the simplest and most useful available, and here’s why.

Best Short Exercise Routine for Simplicity & Effectiveness – The Scientific 7 Minute Workout

From a cardiovascular and joint-friendly viewpoint, the basic Scientific 7 minute workout definitely satisfies both objectives. Since it does not incorporate additional exercise equipment like, weights, bands, or a stability ball, you can easily perform this workout when you’re away from home. Since this routine can be performed in a small space, you can also get in a quick workout at the office.

The only piece of equipment required to perform the Scientific 7 minute workout is stable chair or bench about the same height. That’s all you need. Here’s the 12-stage breakdown for the Scientific 7 minute workout explaining why this workout is great for beginners, or seasoned fitness enthusiasts.

Remember to limber up and stretch before you start to exercise, but another convenience of the Scientific 7 minute workout is that it allows you to gradually do uninhibited movements that naturally loosen you up. It’s always recommended to do a little light stretching before any workout no matter how moderate.

The Scientific 7 Minute Workout

1. Jumping Jacks

You’ll begin the 12-stage routine with 30 seconds of jumping jacks. If you are unable to get in a good stretching period before starting, use this segment to gradually get your muscles flexed. If you have a few moments to warm up your body, you can increase the intensity of this stage to ramp up your cardio.

* You will break for 10-seconds after each segment & each stage, like the first, lasts for30 seconds.

2. Wall Sit

While this may seem like a resting phase, you will soon discover wall sitting is a bit more challenging than it looks. While you can catch your breath, you will be getting a nice burn on your quads and calves.

3. Push-Ups

a man doing push ups

Now you’re going to rekindle the cardio advantages, plus incorporate some body strengthening movements. Push-ups will increase your heart rate, give you a resistance exercise, focusing on your chest and arm muscles, plus you’ll generate core and overall body structure improvements.

4. Abdominal Crunches

Abdominal crunches will continue to work your core while keeping your heart pumping.

5. Chair Steps

This is where you will need, the only piece of extra equipment necessary to perform the Scientific 7 minute workout. A normal chair will do, but be sure it’s stable enough for you to safely step up on – alternating legs. You can use a bench of similar height, plus you can adjust the height of your step to meet your fitness level. Aerobic steps are an excellent choice, especially since they are height adjustable.

6. Squats

Since your lower body muscles benefit from a more strenuous regime to produce results, the workout jumps into another leg phase here. Squats will also keep your heart pumping continuing the aerobic gain. If you have lower body joint issues, like knee problems, you can substitute another round of jumping jacks, or wall sitting instead of squats.

7. Triceps Dips

The seventh segment shifts back to focusing on the upper body muscles. You can perform the triceps dip using your standard chair. There are a number of alternatives here like also. Keep safety in mind first, making sure whatever you use is stable, and about the same height from the floor as a chair seat.

8. Planking

a woman doing a plank

Step 8 will move you nearly 75% of the way towards the end of your 7 minute routine. Planking may appear to be a restful phase since you won’t be moving, but if you planked much, you’d quickly appreciate why it’s been added as a step. You’ll feel it in your shoulders and arms, plus continue to exercise your core.

9. High Knees, or Running in Place

During the last few minutes of the Scientific 7 minute routine, you’ll continue to ignite the cardio side of the workout. High knees is another movement where you can adjust the intensity to meet your fitness level, ramping it up to running in place for an extra cardio boost.

10. Lunges

two women doing lunges

Using the same concept as you did in steps 5 & 6, step number nine will continue to focus on your lower extremities. Lunges will challenge your quads and calves, plus keep your heart rate at an optimal level. For a more advanced 7 minute program, you can add weights.

11. Push-up & Body Rotation

For the next, to last segment, you’ll go back to a standard pushup stance, but this time you will add a body rotation between each pushup. This stage continues to enhance upper body strength, but also adds an element of flexibility.

12. Side Plank

The Scientific 7 minute workout finishes with what might look like another resting point. While side planking will gradually bring your heart rate down, it still poses a challenge to both your core development, plus boosts upper body fitness.

Why Choose the Scientific 7 minute workout

There are three primary reasons why you should select the Scientific 7 minute workout over other short exercise routines.

  • Simplicity – It is a basic routine that you can adjust to compensate for various fitness levels and requires one simple item; a chair. No weights, no cables, just you and your body.
  • Convenience – The routine does not require you to move around so that it can be performed in one area. You can complete this 12-stage workout in about any room, your office, or even a closet if it’s big enough.
  • Flexibility – Since each of the exercise stages by themselves provides healthy fitness benefits, the total body advantages of the Scientific 7 minute workout build upon one another. You can alter many of the movements to compensate for any number of physical restrictions. Moreover, you can pick certain components to do alone to add variety to your fitness program.

The basic version of the Scientific 7 minute workout presents a challenging program that is simple, joint-friendly and does not require special equipment. It’s the most mobile 7 minute workout you can use. For the convenience of a short, energizing workout, give the basic version a try.

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